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Stuffed Animals, Vintage dolls, Collectible toys and more! | My Kawaii ebay Store


Happy New Year! And I owe you an entry about my Christmas presents... but today I will introduce you to my Ebay store: INTIWOTAN

Feliz Año Nuevo! Y les debo una entrada sobre los regalos que recibi por Navidad... pero hoy les presentare mi tienda en Ebay: INTIWOTAN

Yes I'm selling dolls, stuffed animals, vintage toys and collectibles. In the picture you see I'm parting with my Takara dolls Jenny, Licca and Miki, Calico Critters set (Sylvanian Families), Barbie clothes and more to be listed in the next days so stay tunned because I will be selling some Doll related magazines, Barbie books and more fun/kawaii stuff.

Do you have a toddler? Are you learning japanese? This collectible Anpanman toy is the solution ;-)