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Happy Birthday to me! | Part I


This September 29th is my birthday! And it's a special one 'cause I turn 30!

Getting old?! Maybe! But I feel great! ;-P

Last year a good friend gave me a greeting card but for multiple reasons (like moving...) I didn't show you at the proper time but now it's time to do it!

Que será?

It's wonderful! Thank you Marcia Z.! 

At the beginning of the month my husband gave me my first EAH dolls:
Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood!!!

By the 2nd week this beauty arrived:

Yes it's my first Byul model Pollon. I must confess I never had a crush on Byul but this one is just Gorgeous!!!

And... this Charles Addams book: My Crowd. Just magnificent!!!

Thanks Jon! Te amo! <3

My mother in law gave me this book:

Eloïse is a little girl who lives at the Plaza in New York... but the curious note is that she gave me the french edition!! Nice way to practice mon français! Lovely! Thank you Robiña!

Thanks to everyone!!!

If you live in the East bay and are planning to attend the Big Fall Flea Market at Kenneth C. Aitken Senior & Community Center (Castro Valley) pass by my table and say Hi!!

Thanks for reading!~


  1. Ya me habia asustado pero no, aun no es. Que bonitos tus regalos por anticipado *-* yo tambien quiero las muñecas de EAH son muy bonitas *-*

    1. Hola! Gracias por pasar por aquí!!! Aun falta la 2da parte que estaré subiendo pronto n.n lo pasé genial <3

  2. owww que lindas las muñequitas! y ya se viene tu cumple te haré otra y mas el que te dije, te lo mandaré con tu mami clauu. <3

    1. Hola!! Gracias Marcia! Eres un <3 y como me pediste que te avisara si hay novedades, pásate por la tienda hay washi tapes y lapiceros de gel a precios increíbles!!


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