BlytheCon San Francisco 2016!!!!


I attended BCSF2016 yesterday at the Jewish Community Center.

My husband was very lucky to win a VIP ticket. I got a General admission ticket, these are our lanyards. I made the clown girl brooch :-)

He got a VIP Goodie Bag and he was generous enough to give it to me <3 Here's the gorgeous VIP Bag by surrounded by beautiful donations!

I got a Violetpie Flower donated by Jonathan Moore.

I got a very cute Goodie bag full of fun stuff! 
Did I mention that every bag had a Monkey Doo by Ion Tallman? Check out Grenadine Supreme!

My very first stop was Hanon by the talented Satomi Fujii. 
I bought her book and she was so sweet she gave us a matcha pocky stick. 

Then I visited the great Momolita (Momoko Komori) Her table was almost sold out when I arrived but she managed to save some items for me. I feel blessed. She is very humble and sweet. She gave me a souvenir from Blythe Con Tokyo, wher she was one of the hostesses. 

My tight budget finished at Tom's table where this haul comes from!

He gave me a lollipop <3

At 12:30pm I attended the Sewing Demo class by Momolita-sensei <3 What can I say? It was very well explained and she shared some tricks and even gave us a dress pattern. Thank you Dear Momoko! 

Here are some photos of the venue.
Medusa was framed.

Little Lovelies

A Green Cat

A Green Cat

Ion Tallman (Grenadine Supreme) made these awesome Photo OP.

The raffle was very exciting. So many prizes, beautiful prizes! 

I won 2 prizes, lucky me!!!!!! 

 Doll N°9 Dress set + Sweet Petite Shoppe + Dresses by me Cammy <3

Yulya Martinova Little Bear + Needle & Wheel Outfit + Who's your dolly? Alpaca for a re-root/ eyechips 

Finally here is a pic of my "mini-mes Rosita and Deer with their dresses made by yours truly. 

Thank you very much Blythe Con San Francisco 2016 Team, you rock! 

Thanks for reading!~


  1. ¡Holaa!

    Se me van los ojos mirando la de cositas que hay y me parece genial! ¡Felicidades por los premios! y la verdad me parece super original el evento.

    ¡Un besón!

    1. ay que tarde leo esto y es que estoy como recien retomando el blog... El evento estuvo muy bueno siempre hubieron personas comparando con otros eventos y criticando los fallos y dejando de lado los aciertos. Pero yo la pase de maravilla.


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